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General Annotations





Version History

General Annotations

Webmasters often have to administer a sometimes extensive link page which in addition becomes larger and larger. New links have to be added manually and with difficulty.

MarkLinks Freeware allows it to export a branch from the bookmark list of a Netscape browser (version 4.0 and above) as an external HTML file and to administer the link page on the webmaster’s homepage in a comfortably way. Thus the Home Page owner is able to store interesting links in a subfolder of the Netscape bookmarks and to create a HTML file from these collected and updated links using MarkLinks Freeware. Subsequently this file can be stored on the Home page server. Additional informations which the Netscape Navigator stores in the bookmark file (such as the creation date or the time of the last visit) are removed automatically, all the hyperlinks in the sobfolder are saved as a definition list in a selectable HTML file.


A "Links" bookmark subfolder of the form


with "Computing Resources of general interest" in it’s description field of the bookmark properties will be saved in a HTML file of the form



  • Enter the name of the Netscape Navigator Bookmark File in the edit control "Bookmark File", with Select you can browse through the directory structure of your computer. During the first run of the program the "Users" directory of the Netscape installation will be used.

  • Enter the name of the HTML destination file in the edit control "HTML Destination File", with Select you can choose any folder. During the first run of the program the "Users" directory of the Netscape installation will be used.

  • Use the "Bookmark Branch to Extract" edit control to enter the bookmark subfolder where you collect your links.

  • With Extract the extraction process will be started, enventual error messages appear under "Status Messages".

    This process can be repeated for any number of subfolders, Close terminates the program. Filenames without complete path refer to the current directory.

Program parameters of the console version
  • Filename of the bookmark list (normally "bookmark.htm")
  • Subfolder in the bookmark list (for example "Links")
  • HTML destination file (for example "links.htm")
All filenames can be used with or without complete path, a missing path specification refers to the current directory.


MarkLinks Freeware is a tool for automatic export of a branch from the bookmark file of a Netscape browser (version 4.0 and above).

You are allowed:
  1. To install and use an unlimited number of copies of MarkLinks Freeware.
You are not allowed:
  1. To sell MarkLinks Freeware or sections of it.
  2. To decompile or disassemble MarkLinks Freeware or sections of it.
  3. To change or process MarkLinks Freeware or sections of it by means of "reverse engineering".


You are allowed to create and distribute an unlimited number of copies of MarkLinks Freeware if this occurs exclusively in the form of the original installation file. It is strictly forbidden to sell MarkLinks Freeware if the raised charges do not exclusively serve to cover handling and/or shipping fees. Computer magazines and journals hereby expressly get the permission for the distribution on CD ROM without additional authority. Please inform us by E-Mail if a distribution of MarkLinks Freeware is to be planned.


The program MarkLinks Freeware and accompanying written documents are made available without warranties of any type. SafogSoft will not be liable under any circumstances for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business, business interruption, loss of business information or other indirect or consequential loss) arising out of the use, or inability to use this SafogSoft product or any written materials or any support services, even if SafogSoft has been informed about the possibility of any damage.

With the use of MarkLinks Freeware you acknowledge the above mentioned Limited Warranties and confirm the understanding of them.


Download MarkLinks Freeware 1.1 - Full version
(1.56 MB, includes english and german help file)

Download MarkLinks Freeware 1.1 - Short version without "mfc42.dll" and "msvcrt.dll"
(982 KB, includes english and german help file)

The program can also be found at WinSite and the most important online archives of shareware und freeware.

Version History

Starting version with base functionality.

Registry entries added which allow to save all needed data. In this way an old extraction session can be resumed.
During the first start the installation directory of the Netscape browser will be determined and used for the selection of the bookmark file. The same happens for the selection of the destination directory.
Subfolders which are substrings of other branches will not be extracted anymore.
If the subfolder cannot be found the destination file will no longer be deleted.
Thus link files from an older session will not be overwritten.
An empty BODY tag has been added.
The "Cancel" button has been replaced by a "Close" button.

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